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tell me you wish that you never met me

so we can have something in common


there are nights when I don't sleep

I get to see the five o'clock sunrise

think about how my life has flashed before my eyes

so many goddamn times

I wish I knew how to cope


tell me you wish that you never met me

so we can have something in common

I'll keep portraying that everything is fine

I'm an emotional wreck, that's the bottom line


I'll keep pretending that I'm okay

if you keep pretending that you never cared

I'm not a sidewalk

you can't walk all over me

I'm not your shoulder to lean on anymore

you can't use me

you can't fucking use me


lions don't lose sleep

over the opinions of sheep

I've been bending over backwards

trying to ease all your insecurities

i'm leaving and it hurts

but we won't nowhere

you've done nothing for me

now we're fighting over nothing

screaming, but your words won't come out

you're drinking shows you're bluffing

all washed up, who's laughing now?


break break break

break up the things we started

take take take away

everything you gave to me

it was the best two years now we're giving it a rest

it's all quiet now, these walls give silent breaths


you told me that I was changing

but it's you who's been forgetting

you were losing sight of what we wanted

I didn't ask for much

no, I didn't ask for much


you we're too busy with your bottle

never a chance to think about tomorrow



I've built up a tough enough skin

filling in cracks that someone broke in

it's about remembering the past not dwelling in it

it's about fixing myself

constructing something to be proud of


dear me, if I ever come back here

don't let me forget about andover

if it weren't for these houses

I'd never believe that the hours I spent

meant my dreams weren't over


I've gone from household daydreams

to illustrating my thoughts through you

isolation taught me to love myself when no one else will

compassion showed me the beauty in breathing

the thoughts in my head my heart felt


it's okay to be shattered as long as you don't let it define you

it's okay to appreciate the sentiment in lost love

it's okay to live over and over and over...

another week passes by and nothing will change

because you can't help but not be yourself

wanting to be a success is aspiration

doing something about it is determination


don't expect things to change without putting your all into it


stop trying to be someone you know you can't be

I can't be the only one who wants to believe

who wants to succeed

you've got some jealousy deep inside you

just have to be yourself because it's all you can be


I've seen it all before

been there and done that

went through hell and came right back

I've got a driving force

I've learned to never stray from the path


never stray from the path (woo)



we are the kids who never give up

we'll keep on fighting, we'll never give up

we'll prove our worth, work for our success

taking the easy way out is nothing but a let down

I'll no longer chase after you

I'm better off without you


remember when I told you

all of my deepest, darkest secrets

remember when you told me

you'd keep them


remember when I let my guard down

I trusted you

you made me trust you


you said your family knew about me

was that a lie too

you said your friends wanted to meet me

I don't believe that's true


sometimes I'd rather be selfish than

ever care about someone like you again

everything was way too good to be true

but you made me trust you

if I said I didn't miss you

I'd be lying through my teeth

then I remember

that I'm too good for you


call me crazy while I call your bluff

you'll hide like a coward

run away, like, fuck off

I would've swam the ocean for you

you wouldn't even step into a puddle for me


tell me you wish that you never met

so we could have something in common...

Cup Check | Chicago, IL